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Megatex Group of Companies tends to long-term and profitable partnership.

The Company is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relations with financial, industrial and commercial enterprises, offering a complex and professional approach to resolve set tasks.

Partnership for Megatex Group of Companies means:

  • Doing business profitably
  • Project implementation in shortest time
  • Integrated and detailed approach
  • Warranted quality
  • Vast geographic footprint
  • Use of innovate technologies
  • Working with professionals.

Our advantages:

  • Proven experience in implementing comprehensive development projects.
  • Comprehensive approach to managing complex projects.
  • Striving for excellence when doing projects. Ability to achieve project goals on time.
  • Possibility to attract the project financing.
  • Wide experience in market researches for projects, requiring comprehensive analysis.
  • Team of professionals
  • Business contacts in the professional field.


Megatex Group of Companies offers practical and understandable way of coordination in projects:

  • Pre-design stage includes:

–         Marketing researches and evaluation of exponents according to industry classification of the project.

–         Site-sitting or assessment of the existing real property.

–         Development of conceptual design on area construction and assessment of its finance and investment quotients.

–         Approval of the project master plan with the preliminary economics of the objects.

–         Project management and control.

  • Design Stage:

–          All stages of engineering papers from project planning to interior design are being done solely by our company allowing to reduce executor- project management group feedback time and also to maintain sustained control over deadlines conformance with the design specification.

  • Preparing the Financial Model and cost optimization:

–         Based on front end engineering design results and the approved concept of comprehensive development of the territory, master plan and building economics, our specialists create financial model of the project and provide conclusions over the possible cost optimization.

–         Our specialists work out a budget plan according to cost and schedule projections on the expenditure items, project financial scheme and management instruments for costs control.

  • Project documentation approval:

–          Staged approval of initial planning permits and projects reviewing by the State Expertise; obtaining permissions for construction and commissioning of facilities.

  • Construction Management:

–         Preparation and holding of the competitive tender for general contractor choice.

–         General contractor contracts coordination control, technical and construction design supervision.

–         Control for quality of work and maintenance of working documentation.

For more information, please contact us. We will be pleased to answer any question you may have.

For investors