Ecology and Innovations – Group of Companies Megatex

Ecology and Innovations.

The green issue appears in our life oftentimes. Group of Companies Megatex aims at decrease impact on the environment at most. Thinking about the future of our planet, we use only high-quality and ecologically-friendly materials.

Group of Companies Megatex realizes the long-term ecological approach and innovation technologies. Environmental problems are central, already since the first stage of the design.

Main principals:

  • Protection of the environment – protection of lands and water sources in terms of the design documentation.
  • Energy-efficient house – design and construction of buildings with the low energy usage, relevant to European standards.
  • Ecosystem – usage of energy-effective modern engineering systems, equipment and materials, monitoring and certification of the object Passivhaus- PHI.
  • Smart home technoloqy – the central element is MICROS+ has installation specific settings to make your home one of a kind. It has installed IP-address and it can be “seen” in the Internet in anywhere in the world. The central element collates and passes the information to the control room, in which there is a permanent monitoring of houses in the village.
Ecology and Innovations – Group of Companies Megatex