Megatex starts new project – Cottage town – Vivaldi Park

22.05.2013 / Category: News

Vivaldi Park

Cottage Town Vivaldi Park is a qualitative suburban residence, made in uniform architectural style, according to the European principles of land use planning and appearance of territories.

The Cottage-Town Vivaldi Park with necessary infrastructure is situated in one of the most picturesque places of the Karelian Isthmus in 15 km from Saint-Petersburg by Viborskoe Highway. Construction period is planned for 2013-2014 years. There are planned to construct 32 cottages of glued laminated beams on the plots of 20-40 sq.m.

Every cottage will be done according to projects of design-studio “Decorial Group”, which is a part of  Group of Companies Megatex. Our professionals create interior design according to client’s wishes.

Work of Group of Companies Megatex is based on a principle of careful attitude to nature, for this reason we use only environmentally compliant materials and modern technologies.

We offer:

  • Individual approach to design of houses;
  • Creatively different interior design;
  • Environmentally-friendly  and long-life materials;
  • Quality of works;
  • Well-thought-out infrastructure;
  • Private house in one of the most picturesque places.
Megatex starts new project – Cottage town – Vivaldi Park